Marvellous Monstera

Updated: May 28, 2021

Monstera Deliciosa, or the Swiss Cheese plant, is a fabulously iconic plant.

Look in any glossy home magazine and you're guaranteed to see one adorning a luxurious interior or urban chic studio space.

Why? well not only are they beautiful in their own right with glossy, large, jungle like leaves. Their easy care qualities really do make them a big hit in any interior.

They can thrive in a bright indirect light, but also tolerate lower light conditions due to naturally growing lower to the ground in their jungle environment. Making this one of my number one recommended house plants.

Available in multiple sizes, there is a Monstera to suit any home.

Continued care:

Customers often ask me what kind of ongoing care should I be giving my Monstera?

Watering and drainage is a super important part of owning any houseplant.

  • As a rule I always recommend to my customers to test the soil before putting a drop of water on it.

  • Push your finger down into the soil, just to your knuckle if you can.

  • If it feels dry its time to water.

  • I would say to do this weekly at this time of year, twice weekly in the height of summer.

  • If the soil feels wet, leave it a few more days.

  • If its dry you can gently and slowly pour water onto the top of the soil until it flows through and out the bottom of the pot.

  • Best to do this in the sink.

  • Then and most importantly let it drain.

  • Give it 10 minutes or so for any excess water to drain freely, your plant wont thankyou for letting its roots sit in a pool of water inside the pot all week.

  • Alternatively, sit the pot in a sink of water for half an hour and let it take what it needs. Then repeat the draining process before returning it to its decorative pot.

Remember, those large leaves are FAB! Using a soft damp cloth be sure to wipe these over regularly and a dry soft cloth to buff, keep that shine!

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